Nitro Prime Raw Snowboard Review

Nitro Prime Raw Snowboard Review: A Rider's In-Depth Analysis

After rigorously testing the Nitro Prime Raw Snowboard on various terrains, I'm thrilled to share my insights into this board's performance. Designed for snowboarders eager to push their limits and refine their skills, the Nitro Prime Raw is a beacon for both newcomers and intermediate riders. This review dives deep into the snowboard's capabilities and aesthetic appeal.

Nitro Prime Raw snowboard top view

Quick Overview

  • Model Year: 2023
  • Skill Level: Beginner to Intermediate
  • Style: All-Mountain
  • Profile: Flat-Out Rocker
  • Shape: Directional Twin

Unveiling the Nitro Prime Raw, its design by Jesse Williams was immediately striking. Beyond its visual appeal, the board exudes quality, inviting me to hit the slopes with confidence.

Key Features & Performance

Flat-Out Rocker Profile

Catch-free turns and versatile playfulness

  • Ease of Maneuvering: The hybrid flat camber ensures a responsive yet forgiving ride. Effortless turns and catch-free maneuvering are the norms with this profile.

Flex Rating – 5

Perfect equilibrium for adaptability

  • Adaptability: Its medium flex is conducive to various snow conditions, offering a blend of softness for play and stiffness for stability.

Directional Twin Shape

A harmonious blend for forward and switch riding

  • Versatility: The board's design accommodates forward cruising and switch stance, delivering a smooth ride and ample float in powder conditions.

Power Core

The sturdy heart of the board with ideal flex

  • Strength and Response: A full poplar wood core equates to a responsive board that adapts to your movements, providing the perfect flex and snap.

Bi-Lite Laminates

Robust build quality with excellent board-feel

  • Durability and Sensation: Nitro's renowned laminates ensure longevity without sacrificing your connection to the snow.

Premium Extruded FH Base

Low-maintenance base for consistent gliding

  • Maintenance & Speed: For those disinclined towards frequent tune-ups, the extruded base requires little upkeep while guaranteeing sustained speed.

Size and Specs

For quick reference, see the table below for the board's specifications:

Size (cm) 149 152 155 158
Effective Edge (mm) 1090 1120 1150 1170
Waist Width (mm) 238 252 254 256


Nitro Prime Raw snowboard base design

Ride Experience

On-Piste Performance

The Nitro Prime ensured a stable ride across groomed slopes. Carving was intuitive, benefiting from the board's forgiving nature which helped prevent falls.

Powder Days

In fresh snow, the Prime Raw excelled. Its directional twin shape and Flat-Out Rocker guaranteed an enjoyable ride without sinking.

Park Playfulness

Even though it's not exclusively for freestyle, the board had ample pop and flexibility for park features like small jumps and rails, nurturing confidence for trick progression.

Sustainability Efforts

Highly Commendable: The ClimatePartner certificate and use of 100% Natural Speed Wax reflect the brand's commitment to environmental conservation.

A Premium Choice for Progression

For those advancing past foundational skills, the Nitro Prime Raw Snowboard is an ideal selection. It promises a continuous, confidence-boosting experience on all terrains.

Venturing out with this snowboard has been a delight, and I advocate for it to anyone eager for a reliable, exhilarating mountain adventure. 

Bold, steadfast, and environmentally aware – the Nitro Prime Rawembodies the spirit of a snowboard that guarantees a wonderful time on the snow.

Nitro Prime Raw snowboard top view

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